Mobile Money Payment

Tigo Pesa Instruction:

Step 1 : Click on Tigo Pesa payment gateway during checkout process. It will redirect you to secure Tigo Pesa payment gateway for payment.

Step 2 : At Tigo secure, you will see payment details and under the customer section you have to enter your phone number. Please keep your phone on hand. Once you click 'Next' a verification code will be sent to your phone by SMS.

Step 3 : The Mobile Fund Transfer(MFS) Account of the subscriber is validated after which the "Verify" Page is shown. A One-Time-Pin (Verification code) is sent via text message to the Tigo subscriber.

Step 4 : The subscriber submits the verification code and after successful verification of the code the payment overview is shown to the customer requesting the Tigo MFS Account PIN.

Step 5 : The customer provides the MFS PIN and the purchase call to make the payment is sent.

Step 6 : Upon receipt of a successful purchase response the payment result page is shown for a limited duration. After that The final redirect is done to the specified website i.e. Glam Madam Live. Customer will also receive order confirmation email generated from website.

M-PESA Instructions:


  1. Dial *150*00#
  2. Select option 4. Pay using M Pesa.
  3. Select 4. Put the company number.
  4. Insert the company number which is 394466.
  5. Insert the order reference number which is seen on order thank you page.
  6. Insert the desired amount xxxxxx.
  7. Insert your PIN number.
  8. Click 1 to confirm.



  1. Piga *150*00#
  2. Chagua 4. LIPA kwa M-pesa.
  3. Chagua 4. Weka namba ya kampuni.
  4. Weka namba ya kampuni ambayo ni: 394466.
  5. Weka namba ya kumbukumbu ya malip ambayo ni: .
  6. Weka kiasi xxxxxx.
  7. Weka namba yako ya siri.
  8. Bonyeza 1 kuthibitisha.