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      编辑:浙江双威数控电子机械有限公司   时间:2014/03/31   字号:


      Transformer winding machine winding technique is very important, first of all have to be around the wire which features, the number of how many circles and material appearance, like the glue line winding speed, enamelled cotton thread, etc., the line set by the diameter to increase a lot, because of the skin is not very smooth, less inertia characteristics. Filament winding speed not too slow, but must be started with a slow climb, so as to avoid the wire broken. Thick line shoulds not be too fast speed (speed), but must pay attention to the low speed torque is enough.


      Note that when using aluminium wire tension to switch to smaller than copper wire of the same thickness, in order to avoid yarn diameter, fine, insulating paint outside blowout, affect the quality of the product. When using the aluminium wire for tension decreases, and the line set by the diameter to increase appropriately. To meet the needs of their tension can go less line wheels. Transformer winding machine is the shape of round objects and discharge line have a considerable height and the outlet of the distance square was winding speed not too fast, there will be a circular convex uneven among affected row of neat line.


      Be around and wiring of highly appropriate, one layer below the low line easily, high jump line may break phenomenon. Ribbon cable and be around shoulds not be too far away, the qualification of distance will affect the ribbon cable with the precision of the coupling. Wire on the ribbon cable slack, also relationship between the winding and line is beautiful or not. Winding machine set considerations for calibration was around the material width and rev about point as the first priority, and the most important. When the rev about point is correct, start winding, parking available on both ends of the test first set the width is correct.


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