Smoked Reversed Cat~Eye Wing

In this class we show you how to cover black spots and create a smokey eye with a reversed wing/cat~eye.

Arabic Ombre Cat Eye

In this class we create a look fit for an Arabic bride with ombre metallic eyeshadow. We Paired it with a nude lip to finish off with a balance.

Old Hollywood Glamour with a touch of Glitter

This is a perfect soft smokey eye with just a touch of glitter, it's perfect for a glamorous bride or any glam doll out there, xoxo.

Black Smokey Eye with a Nude Lip

This look is strong on the eye kind on the lip, it's perfect for a night out or a formal event perfectly paired with a Nude or black formal dress. Always keep a balance between the eyes and the lip, if and when one side is strong it's best to mute the other (i.e the eyes and the lip).

Perfect Bridal Soft Smokey Eye

Learn how to create the perfect soft bridal smiley eye on this full length detailed class with us. It's classy, timeless and all shades of gorgeous.